All 404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin

How to use the plugin?

The 404 error pages hurts the rank of your site, this smart plugin is a simple solution to handle 404 error pages by using 301 redirect.

Look at the following diagram which represent the 404 errors per time, we see an increase of error rate in the last time interval.

404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin

404 Error rate per time


Our simple plugin will solve this by trying to redirect all 404 error pages to home page or any customized page, see the control panel for the plugin in the next image.


After installing the plugin, make sure that it is enabled from the field status in the control panel above, if you want to disable the plugin functions, just set the status to disabled.

You can change the target page to redirect, in the this example it is, you can change it to any page you want.

After changing any options or settings, click the button “Update Options”, this will write the settings to the database.

Download the plugin:

File name:
File size: 45.3 KB
Plugin version: 1.1
WordPress version: 3.0.1 to 4.1
* Note: If you like to share this plugin in your site, direct links to the plugin ZIP file is not allowed, please use the link of this page instead!

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