301 redirect htaccess in simple way

Htaccess is a configuration file that contains some rules, therefore syntax errors such as missing letters can lead to inability to work correct and it may returns HTTP Error 500 Internal server error. Your first step towards the creation of 301 redirect through the use of htaccess file is to ensure that your FTP is configured to reveal all hidden files. The steps in making redirect using htaccess are:

  • Create an empty text with the use of a simple Windows text editor such as notepad, and save it as .htaccess without any name just the extension.
  • Add the redirect code below to the created file and save it.
  • Upload your created file to the root folder. If you are using a text editor, make sure the file is saved as a plain text. You can also save the file into other paths in case there are needs to.


  1. If you have already the file on your server, download it and edit it using notepad, add the redirect code and then upload it again.
  2. To upload the file using FTP, you can use the free FTP client FileZilla, it is free and open source.
  3. You can use web file manager or editor like Cpanel file manager instead of FTP client.

The following code can do the desired 301 redirect for you:

 Redirect 301 old_url  new_url

A real example about the 301 redirect is

Redirect 301 /about.htm http://www.clogica.com

In the above example we redirected the page about.htm to the new domain clogica.com

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